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You couldn’t ask for more from a night. Drinking, dancing & making new friends. LTBH will get bigger by the day. Credit to McQueen for snapping the night up.

What a quality night! Roll on the next one!

Rammed from start to end. We need a rewind button now!

Big shout out to the team that makes it happen.

Awesome night again. Counting down the days for the next one.

We literally have the best night with LTBH.

What a wicked night. The music was unreal!

It was unbelievable – again!

We had an awesome night! When’s the next one? Well up for it.

Buzzing already for the next one.

Wow! LTBH never fails to deliver.

What a turnout – that’s what it’s all about. Right there at LTBH.

What time do we go again tonight? Another unforgettable LTBH event.

One of the best events we’ve played at I can honestly say!

Another amazing night. The music was unreal!

Same again tomorrow? BOOM!